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We define the consultation process as a friendly chat with highly effective results. We need to understand your business, what you’re about and why you want to make a film.

We like to use everyone’s time wisely, so by arriving at the consultation prepared, we can usually get all the information we need in one meeting. Please read the items in the ‘find out more’ section below.

Once we know what you’re trying to achieve with your film we will prepare a proposal, a timeframe and a quote. Once approved, we move on to the next stage.


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Now we know what your business is about and what you want your film to achieve, we can get started on the work. Before we do the “lights, camera, action!” stuff we need to get some preparation done for your film.

Following our consultation, we’ll work with you to help draft and perfect a script. We’ll also organise how the rest of the project will pan out so you have an idea of timescale and we can keep the project rolling.


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So, we’ve prepped everything, we know the whats and the wheres and it’s now time to commit it all to film. Our aim is to work efficiently with as little disruption to your working day as possible.

We’ll film, direct, light and set-dress using our professional studio equipment; making sure the message and information is delivered perfectly and is in keeping with the ideas set out in our consultation and pre-production stages.

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This is where we piece the story together in the edit room, where the film comes to life. The first cut you see will be as close to the finished article as possible. Where a rough cut can leave out small but crucial details requiring extra work on your part to “fill in the gaps”, we deliver your story in as complete a form as possible. We then use your definitive feedback – the all important ‘recall’ – to deliver the final cut.

Your film, polished and ready to go!


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