Post-production – more


The film as a whole, from start-to-finish. We open up a round of feedback to see what you like and what needs tweaking. Any other thoughts and ideas are welcome in our quest for perfection!

This is where you use the ‘recall cut’ – your definitive feedback for us to move to the final stage.

Whether it’s to embed on the homepage of your website or to share with your legions of fans on social media, here is your film: polished, packaged and ready to go!


Our relationship with you doesn’t end there. As long as you have a business, we’ll keep the project open. You may wish to add new content, change your logo or make other amendments. Successful companies constantly evolve, so you can either create a whole new film or update the existing one with fresh material.

Either way, we’ll be there to help keep your film up to date.


We’re always on hand to quickly answer emails, speak on the phone or set up web conferences. Easy and open communication channels are essential to the all round success of any project.