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Before I embark on this blog, I just want to say that it’s me, Dean, who is writing this. Sometimes I’ll say ‘I’ when I mean ‘we’, or we I may I we mean… Glad that’s cleared up.  Basically, Jamie and ‘we’ go through each stage of every job together. So, if at any point it seems like I’m taking credit for anything, it’s just crap writing. We are equally responsible (and accountable) for all the work.

So, Sharon Cooper ‘Wedding Photographer’. Yes, our most recent promo. And one we are pretty happy with.

We’ve been questioned on a number of occasions recently about some details regarding Sharon’s film. Not in a negative way, just in a curious one. From what I can gather, it’s because it’s something that people didn’t expect. She’s promoting her wedding photography yet she’s not at a wedding, or in a Californian sunrise, or up to her neck in cup cakes. There are reasons for this, there really are… If you have no interest in the making of Sharon’s promo then please feel free to rejoin Facebook, refresh the email account, or whatever else you were doing to avoid putting the washing on (I am, there’s tonnes of it).

I’m not sure how many wedding promos you’ve seen. I’m guessing not many. But that’s beside the point. For now.

Anybody who knows Sharon knows that she’s a bit of a tour-de-force. We initially only really knew her from her online presence and that was enough to generate immediate strong ideas of how we wanted to film her – and those were the ideas that were eventually filmed – no kidding, the very first ideas. And by tour-de-force, I mean this. Her images are everywhere. She works really bloody hard at her photography and to make sure she’s at every local event, capturing and documenting all manner of happenings, but also using her craft to help others and support her pals. To be honest, I’m not sure I know a harder working person. Genuinely. She makes me feel lazy! Get me a biscuit. Ginger. GINGER BISCUITS… But not a Paul Weller CD (sorry, Sharon). Unless it’s The Jam. Don’t mind them.

Sharon Cooper 2

So what did we want to get across in this short film? That’s right, short. It won’t be the last time you’ll hear this from us, but we keep our films short. As short as humanly possible while retaining all the necessary information and imagery for the subject. Why? Because you, like us, get bored really easily. A friend of ours recently said he watches a YouTube vid purely on its length! Promos can easily suffer from being long, drifty and indulgent. Beware. Back to Sharon. Rather than tell a tale of a person who “loves love”, melts at the looks between a couple, or simply thinks weddings are the most special day on earth, we wanted to tell a tale of someone you can rely on. Of course it’s a special day, the viewer doesn’t need to know that. The person who photographs your wedding needs to not only know their craft, but be a rock when things feel unsteady, someone who won’t let you down. Someone you can trust. Much of the imagery you see, especially in the beginning sequence, is of someone who has all these characteristics in abundance. You then see Sharon’s nature in full swing as she handles her couple confidently, directly but carefully. A few sound bites, smiles and photos later and badda bing, badda wotsit, you have all you need to know. You see a real human but also someone who you can trust to do the job with skill and care. No big weddings scenes or cup cakes needed.

I hope that answers a few questions of late. It might not but I’ve just had a lovely cup of tea so it’s definitely all worth it. If there are any technical questions about the filming of Sharon’s promo then don’t ask me. I was out buying biscuits.

Byesy byesy bye byes