Finally, finally, finally, the whitepartridge has landed. It’s been a long and bonkers journey completing this website so we can officially launch ourselves, but fear not, I won’t go into all that rubbish. This blog is essentially to say hi from us, to give you a brief explanation of what we have evolved from and into, and to say thank you to some essential, lovely people who have helped us over the past six/seven/eight or so months. I promise not to gush or blub.

So on to item one.

1, Hi.

Hello internet, hello businesses, hello to anyone who has stumbled upon our site, our blog, or us walking around Hitchin eating sandwiches and drinking coffee/beer/single malts… HELLO.


2, We’ve changed quite a bit…

Jamie and I first set about seeing if my photography and his film-making could sit side-by-side as one unit – a complete package. We did some weddings (still do; I’ll explain that in a minute), covered some events and gradually built up a great working relationship with an extensive repertoire. So there we were. Two chums doing weddings, photography, events, promos, films, showreels, headshots, portraits, writing short films… Basically, anything you could point a camera at or edit on a computer. And it was great.

Then we had a chat.

With a pretty impressive fellow called Jules; the owner of Watu.

We were in a meeting with Jules about a small job we were doing with him and Watu. Suddenly, without provocation, he turned on us and savaged our set-up (in fact, he savaged the entire industry of corporate filming). He was frustrated and annoyed that he couldn’t find what he was looking for: simple, concise information about making a short film about his company. Everything he wanted to find was what we wanted to be. Clear and defined. Transparent and creative. Efficient but detailed. He outlined a vision of a company that we wanted to be. By the end of the chat it was clear; to keep whitepartridge but change it. Change everything. New website, new logo, new purpose, drop photography… Hang on. DROP PHOTOGRAPHY? Yep, it’s got to go. A strange thing for me to request seeing as I was the photographer. But if we were to go ahead as a defined company with a clear message about making films for businesses, photography had no place. Sniff.

Jamie has been making films for years and I had been getting more involved in the filming process so the progression has worked really well. Both of us being focussed on film-making has produced some very exciting results. I’ve found a progression from photography that I love and Jamie has more help now (and less logistical pressure) to make great films. In short, it works. Really well.

Just to note, we are still doing weddings. We enjoy doing them and we get to meet some great people and go to great places, so why stop? The only difference is that we have an official branch called ‘whitepartridge weddings’ with a new website to be launched soon. Huzzah.

So here we are. It’s taken a long time to get everything organised but it’s finally done. The all new whitepartridge Ltd is here… Officially.


3, Massive ‘thanks a lot’ to.…

Many people who have had a hand in helping us set up. Starting a proper company is a little daunting so support and help and guidance is essential. I’ll limit this to the immediate folk who have helped with promotion, finance, advice, cake, encouragement, PATIENCE and time.

Steve and Andy, Jules, Frank, Louise, Simon, Adam, Frankie, Sharon, Jamie R, Felix and the amazing Jack and Steve at Coffee and Toast. We had a basic idea of what we wanted to do, had a chat with coffee and toast and then they designed this awesome website. The upper-case word above is specifically for them. They truly are exceptional to work with and we advocate them from the highest level possible. I’m pretty sure that’s not gushy – don’t correct me if I’m wrong.

I think that’s it for now. We don’t know how these blogs are going to go or how often they will go, but they’ll go. Sometimes I’ll write, sometimes Jamie will write, we might even write one together. I just don’t know. What I do know though is that the next one will be done in about an hour. We want to launch this site with two blog posts and there’s a topic we’ve been asked about recently. So it’s kettle on time and on to the next…